Essentials of Islam Certificate

Essentials of Islam Summer Certificate

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8 Pre-Recorded Courses with Live Webinars

The Essentials of Certificate is a bundle of eight courses covering some of the fundamental aspects of Islam. These are live courses that have been previously offered, and have been recorded and are now available on -demand. This means that you can access the courses, review the lessons and complete them at your own convenience! 

As a bonus, we will have one live webinar with the instructor to review the major ideas presented in the course, and give you an opportunity to ask questions.

Webinar dates will be released at the end of August inshallah.

Please note that access to the courses is time limited, and only offered until September 30th! Each course will require about 10 hours of engagement. At the end of the course, and with successful completion of quizzes (if applicable), you will be granted a Certificate of Completion.

Essentials of Islam Summer Certificate includes these courses

Introduction to Fiqh | Pre-Recorded and Online
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Fiqh of Salah
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The Lawful and Prohibited in Islam
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Fiqh al Seerah
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Preparing For Ramadan 2019
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Self-Care: The Prophetic Approach - Winter 2018
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