Assalaamu Alaikum and thank you for being a part of the IIT Education Journey!

We are living in unprecedented times, with the onset of a major pandemic that has wreaked havoc across the globe for over two years. 

Please continue to engage with our content on all of our platforms, and share with your family and friends. We have a large catalogue of Courses and Lectures on the platforms below - most of which you can access for free. 

YouTube Channel




Over the course of the past few years, IIT has invested in technology that allowed us to capture live courses in a professional format for future replay. 

These courses are now made available for students to access and complete at their own pace. From time to time, IIT will connect with students to provide updates and reminders to students. If necessary, IIT will arrange a live session with the instructor.

If you complete a course successfully and would like a Certificate of Completion, please send us an email at [email protected] - please note that processing times for Certificate requests may range from one week to two months.

wa alaikum assalaam