Course curriculum

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    • Welcome and Introduction

  • 02

    Riyad As-Saliheen

    • Handout #1 | Riyad As-Saliheen

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    Riyad As-Saliheen #2

    • Handout #2

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  • Learn

    The primary focus of this Course will be the Quran and Riyad As Saaliheen. Quranic Studies - Detailed study of Juz amma based on the Tafseer of Imam al-Qurtubi. Riyad As Saaliheen is the grounding section of the course.

  • Format

    This is an in-person course, catering primarily to youth in high school and early university or college. The course will be delivered through traditional presentation methods, interactive discussions and coursework. Students are asked to bring a notebook and pen.

  • Outcomes

    This Juz will encourage a lot of group discussions and analysis on some confusing topics such as belief in Angels and Jinn. Concept of Qadr, Who and what is Allah, importance of belief and the need for religion and much more. Teaching the students an appreciation for hadith, its relationship to the Quran and Islam in general. Also a detailed study of the history of Hadith, nomenclatures and preservation of Hadith